Navarathri Delights

Navarathri is nine days festivity awaited by Indians all over the world,
The celebration recounts a story of courage, knowledge, wealth and health in a form of three major deities,
Everywhere within the temple, people brimmed with smiles and every pillar echoed women’s laughter and beautiful young girls entered the temple diffidently,
Little sparrows chirped merrily to the tune of nataswaram instruments, flapped their wings and took-off happily,
Classical music rendition and chants of mantras filled the place with utmost serenity,
Sound produced by the anklets of scampering children orchestrated another form of music encircled the place,
God, Goddesses and occupants of earth were dressed in traditional attires embellished colorfully,
Fortunate were the flashy, shimmering jewelleries as they’re exhibited on human bodies and deities with care and appreciation,
I could see eyes depicting every heart’s desire to celebrate ceaseless Navarathri throughout life.


Birth vs Death

Birth is the beginning of celebration,
We smile, laugh and appreciate the arrival,
Death is an endless victory imprinted on earth,
The value of death measured by the accumulated
deeds, virtues and success achieved throughout life,
Death is also another form of festivity to be celebrated.


Flash of inspirations cast an extraordinary masterpiece which arouse human’s innate talent and awe the world around them,
Necessity produces enormous machines to simplify human’s work,
Prophets and Saints emerge to save and enlighten the ignorant mind from the ocean of sins,
Benediction alone breeds marvelous healers to heal the pain endured by many.